University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Graduate Courses (in numerical order, multiple sections indicated with *)

Educational Research 603.21 “Research Methodology in Education”*

Educational Research 603.23 “Writing Educational Research”*

Educational Research 619.05 “Schools as Collaborative Cultures”

Educational Research 619.78 “Classroom-Based Assessment”

Educational Research 619.91 “Leading Learning”

Educational Research 669.13 “ELLs and Literacy”

Educational Research 669.72 “Intercultural Communication”

Educational Research 692.01 “Collaboratory of Practice”

Educational Research 692.02 “Collaboratory of Practice”

Educational Research 692.05 “Collaboratory: Languages”

Educational Research 664/764 “Advanced Topics in Bilingual Education”

Educational Research 710 “Dissertation II”

Undergraduate Education Courses

Education 404: “Literacy, Language and Culture”*

Education 411: “Field Experience 2”

Education 435 “Language, Literacy and Culture”*

Education 435 “Language, Literacy and Culture” (online section)

Education 456 “Assessment”* (online section)

Education 460 “Specialization 1: Second Languages”*

Education 460 “Specialization 1: Second Languages & ESL”

Education 465 “Field Experience 2” (French & Spanish cohorts)

Education 508: “Field Experience 3” (French cohort)

Education 510: “Elementary English Language Arts Curriculum”

Education 512: “Integration” (French cohort)

Education 520 “Interdisciplinary Learning” (online section)*

Education 555 “Assessment”

Education 560: “Field Experience 4”

Undergraduate Language Courses

German 202: “Beginner German 1”*

German 313: “German Cultures in the Present”

German 331 “Continuing German”

German 503 “Senior Projects in Language”